Skin cancer

Ralph Braun

Prof. Ralph Braun, MD
Tel. +41 44 255 94 86

Main fields of research 

Our main interest is the non invasive diagnosis of skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma. We use established techniques such as dermoscopy as well as new techniques including in vivo laser scanning microscopy. Due to different international research collaborations our patients benefit directly from the latest technological developments. 
Publications (PubMed)

Group Members
Johanna Mangana and Michael Kunz, MD, Attending Physicians
Thierry Nordmann, MD PhD, Associate Physician
Corneila Deubelbeiss and Florentia Dimitriou, Associate Physicians
Sabine Ludwig, MD student
Isabelle Pieper-Scholz, Tumor Documentalist
Stefan Marfurt, Sohie Gu, and Sarah Denzler, medical students
Ofer Reiter and Ayelet Rishpon, external Research Fellows (MSKCC New York)  

Reinhard Dummer

Prof. Reinhard Dummer, MD
Tel. +41 44 255 25 07

Main fileds of research
The team has established a world class skin cancer center providing the best clinical care connected to translation and clinical research. We intensively investigate the immune biology of cutaneous lymphomas, cutaneous melanoma and epithelial skin cancers. Based on the microenvironment of these tumors, we have established immune interventions in cell cultures and animal models. Translational research applies this new knowledge to our patients in order to provide effective treatment with best quality of life.
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Group Members
​Joanna Mangana, MD, Egle Ramelyte, MD, PhD, Julia-Tatjana Maul, MD, Attending Physicians
Séverine Buffoni, Head of QM
Irene Castellina, Joëlle Dornbierer, and Regina Krattinger, Pharmacists
Agatha Duda, Daniel Hug, Alice Langer, Mirka Schmid, and Katharina Eisoldt, Technicians
Karen Meyer, Alexandra Meyer, Michelle Ackermann, Luzia Vontobel, Study nurses
Claudio Hümbeli, Jasmin Narainsing, Julia Püschel and Rieka Stunnenberg, Study coordination
Christin Schwaiger, Financing
Alexandra Schluep, Personal assistant

Emmanuella Guenova

PD Emmanuella Guenova, MD, PhD

Group Members
Yun-Tsan Chang, PhD student
Desislava Ignatova, PhD student
Pesho Ivanov, PhD student
Agathe Duda, MTA CTCL diagnostic
Joanna Mangana, MD
Ieva Saulite, MD candidate

Mitchell Paul Levesque

Prof. Mitch Levesque, PhD


Group Members

Phil Cheng, PhD
Ossia Eichhoff, PhD
Annalisa Saltari, PhD

Gaetana Restivo, PhD

Julia Martinez-Gomez, PhD

Patrick Turko, PhD

Andreas Dzung, PhD student
Alice Langer, technician
Melanie Maudrich, technician
Jan Käsler, technician
Mirka Schmid, technician

Corinne Stoffel, PhD student
Ishani Banik, PhD student
Alessandra Cereghetti, PhD student

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