Inflammatory & infectious skin diseases

Florian Anzengruber

Dr. Florian Anzengruber, MD & LL.M
Tel +41 44 634 53 42


​​Main fields of research
We are performing clinical research on inflammatory skin diseases, especially psoriasis, acne inversa, rosacea and evaluate innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for clinical practice.
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Group members
Karolina Papageorgiou, resident
Sofia Kyonhi Mettler, MD student

Janina Schenk, Master student
Vanessa Graf, Master student
David Sgier, Master student
Joo-Ri Kim, Master student


Hans-Dietmar Beer

PD Hans-Dietmar Beer, PhD
Tel +41 44 255 39 73

Main fields of research

Keratinocytes represent the main cell type of the epidermis. This outermost layer of the skin is directly exposed to numerous types of stress. Our research tries to elucidate the mechanisms, which are responsible for the maintenance of the integrity of the epidermis under stress conditions. Protein complexes, termed inflammasomes, and the protease caspase-1, which is their central molecule, play important roles in these processes, including sunburn, infection by Herpes virus and UV-induced skin cancer development. Since these defence mechanisms are only poorly conserved in other species, such as in mice, we are establishing novel protocols for the stable genetic manipulation of human primary keratinocytes and of skin cancer cells. In addition, we are interested in understanding how anti-inflammatory drugs modulate inflammasomes and caspase-1.
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Group members
Gabriele Fenini, PhD
Paulina Hennig, PhD student
Michela Di Filippo, PhD student​​

Philipp Bosshard

PD Philipp Bosshard, PhD
Tel. +41 44 255 39 72

Main fields of research
Our research activities focus on skin infections and pathogen-host-interactions. This comprises research on bacterial infections (e.g. sexually transmitted infections), fungal infections and the role of the human skin microbiome in inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. Our main interests are epidemiological studies, to develop and improve diagnostic tools for skin infections (e.g. PCR) and to research on the human skin microbiome (e.g. next generation sequencing).
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Group members
Martin Glatz, MD
Bettina Schmid, PhD student
Ksenia Mischler, MD student
Riccardo Curatolo, MD student
Moritz Klinger, MD student

Emmanuel Contassot

PD Emmanuel Contassot, PhD
Tel +41 44 255 99 52



Main fields of research
Numerous insults from the environment or endogenous danger signals can lead to inflammation and, consequently, cutaneous inflammatory diseases are very common in dermatology praxis. However, although being common, the mechanisms involved in inflammatory skin diseases are not always well understood. The aim of our research is to understand better the molecular events leading to inflammatory responses in the skin. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms involved in: (i) the immune responses involved in cutaneous adverse drug reactions induced by drugs (e.g. Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis) or by anti-tumor targeted therapies; (ii) the regulation of keratinocyte and skin myeloid cell inflammasomes in response to danger signals; (iii) the role of CARD14 variants in psoriasis.
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Group members

Mark Mellet, PhD
Takashi Satoh, MD
Barbara Meier-Schiesser, MD, PhD
Nick Li, Research assistant

Barbara Meier-Schiesser

Barbara Meier-Schiesser, MD,  PhD

Meier Barbara-März 2019.png

Main fields of research
Inflammatory skin diseases are frequent in number and often lead to a decreased quality of life in the affected patients. Although intense research in the field has already led to succesful treatment of a number of these diseases, several questions still remain to be addressed. We aim to investigate the innate and adaptive immune pathways leading to pustular and lichenoid skin eruptions. The goal of our research is to open up new relevant research avenues and to identify new therapeutic targets in difficult-to-treat diseases.
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Group members 
Jamila Hess, MD 
Annika Klug, technician
Cadri Knoch, MD student
Rytis Maziukas, MD
Dominik Wetzstein, MD student

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