Research topics and groups

We aim to improve continuously the quality of our service for patients, and for that, we are committed to the highest level of research in dermatology. Our achievements in this field, as judged by the cumulative impact factors for research publications, position us among the world's leading departments. Our research activities focus on basic, translational and clinical research in Allergy, Immunotherapy, Inflammatory & Infectious Skin Diseases, Skin Cancer, and Surgery & Wound Healing.

​focus on atopic dermatitis, drug and food allergies, as well as allergen-specific immunotherapy
development of new, improved and safer immunotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory skin diseases, and allergy
​particular interests in innate immunity and T-cell biology in inflammatory skin diseases, e.g. psoriasis, neutrophilic dermatoses, cutaneous drug eruptions, severe allergic adverse drug reactions, skin microbioma, as well as pathology and diagnosis of skin infections
​focus on the pathogenesis, early diagnosis and molecular targeted treatment of skin cancer, particularly in melanoma, cutaneous lymphoma and non-melanoma skin cancers
​particular interests in clinical research related to surgery and surgical oncology, angiology and phlebology, wound healing, as well as the dermatology of severely ill patients

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