Seminars and Trainings

Advances in dermatologic and allergy research (Progress reports)

An event organized for scientists as well as for clinicians and students interested in current topics in dermatologic allergy research. Seminars are held by Dermatology Clinic researchers and clinicians and by invited national and international researchers, and take place approximately every 4 to 6 weeks, on Thursdays between 2 and 5 pm. Additional special seminars take place at other times. Please consult our schedule for detailed times and location. Registration is not required.


Research Progress Report in Dermatology
(Fortschritte in der dermatologischen und allergologischen Forschung)

The Research Progress Reports in Dermatology (Fortschritte in der dermatologischen und allergologischen Forschung; UZH VL.-No 1879) are given apporx. once a month by scientist and clinical researchers in the USZ/UZH Department of Dermatology. The reports are in English,  and the programme will appear on this homepage approximately one week ahead of the report. Students and other interested researchers and clinicians at UZH are welcomed to visit. In addition, Progress Reports are presented at a two-days external meeting that typically takes place in March in Davos (SSS Weekend).
Contact: Pål Johansen,

For the fall term of 2018/19, the following reports are planned:

Date and time
​23 Aug 2018, 12.30h​OPS B22​Pål Johansen
​19 Sep 2018, 9.30h​OPS B26​Steve Pascolo
​17 Oct 2018, 9.30h​OPS B26​Dietmar Beer & Ying Wäckerle-men 
​14 Nov 2018, 9.30h​OPS B26​Emmanuell Contassot
​13 Dec 2018, 14.00h​OPS B24Charlotte Brüggen &​Florian AnzengruberProgramme 20181213.pdf
​16 Jan 2019, 9.30hWAGI 14​Antonia Gabriel & Phil ChengDermatology progress reports Session 2019_01_16.pdf

Further research meetings in the department

24th SSS Meeting
22-24th March 2019, Hotel Waldhuus Davos

Further education in Dermatology, Allergology, Dermato-oncology and Venerology

PhD defences

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