Research Groups

Hans-Dietmar Beer

PD Hans-Dietmar Beer, PhD
Tel +41 44 634 53 42


Group Members
Gabriele Fenini, PhD
Serena Grossi, PhD student
Paulina Hennig, PhD student
Michela Di Filippo, PhD student

Philipp Bosshard

PD Philipp Bosshard, PhD
Tel. +41 44 255 39 72

Group Members
Martin Glatz, MD, group leader
Bettina Schmid, PhD student
Ksenia Mischler, MD student
Riccardo Curatolo, MSc student
Nada Juricevic, technician

Ralph Braun

Prof. Ralph Braun, MD
Tel. +41 44 255 94 86

Group Members
Johanna Mangana, MD, Attending Physician
Michael Kunz, MD, Attending Physician
Thierry Nordmann, MD PhD, Associate Physician
Corneila Deubelbeiss, Associate Physician
Florentia Dimitriou, Associate Physician
Sabine Ludwig, Dissertandin
Isabelle Pieper-Scholz, Tumor Documentalist
Stefan Marfurt, MD Student
Sohie Gu, MD student
Sarah Denzler, MD student
Ofer Reiter, Research Fellow, MSKCC New York
Ayelet Rishpon, Research Fellow, MSKCC New York

Emmanuel Contassot

PD Emmanuel Contassot, PhD
Tel +41 44 255 9952

Publications (PubMed)


Group members
Mark Mellet, PhD
Takashi Satoh, MD
Barbara Meier, MD
Charlotte Brüggen, MD
Nick Li, Research assistant
Annika Klug, Research assistant

Reinhard Dummer


Prof. Reinhard Dummer, MD
Tel. +41 44 255 25 07



Group Members
​Sara Micaletto, MD
Simone Goldinger, MD
Joanna Mangana, MD
Egle Ramelyte, MD
Séverine Buffoni, QM Beauftragte
Irene Castellina, Pharmacicst / Laboratory
Joëlle Dornbierer; Pharmacist
Regina Krattinger, Pharmacist
Marion Bawohl, Technician
Agahta Duda, Technician
Daniel Hug, Technician
Tabea Koch, Technician
Alice Langer, Technician
Mirka Schmid, Technician
Katharina Eisoldt, Technician
Karen Meyer, Study nurse
Alexandra Meyer, Study nurse
Michelle Arnold, Study nurse
Luzia Christen, Study nurse
Myra Wortmann, Study nurse
Claudio Hümbeli, Study coordination / administration
Jasmin Narainsing, Study coordination
Julia Püschel, Study coordination
Christin Schwaiger, Financing

Antonia Gabriel

Antonia Fettelschoss-Gabriel, PhD
Tel +41 44 556 32 65  

Fettelschoss-Antonia-Nov 2018.png

Group Members
Victoria Fettelschoss, MSc, Research Associate
Florian Olomski, MSc, Research Associate
Katharina Birkmann, DVM
Sigridur Jonsdottir, PhD
Tanya Rhiner, DVM candidate

Emmanuella Guenova

PD Emmanuella Guenova, MD, PhD

Group Members
Yun-Tsan Chang, PhD student
Agathe Duda, MTA CTCL diagnostic
Desislava Ignatova, PhD student
Pesho Ivanov, PhD student
Joanna Mangana, MD
Ieva Saulite, MD candidate

Martin Glatz

PD Martin Glatz, MD


Group members
Philipp Bosshard, PhD
Bettina Schmid, PhD student
Ksenia Mischler, MD student
Antonino Buttafuoco, MSc
Riccardo Curatolo, MSc student
Nada Juricevic, technician

Jürg Hafner

Prof. Jürg Hafner, MD

Group Members
Alexandra Vent, MD

Thomas Kündig

Prof. Thomas Kündig, MD, Head of Research


Group Members
Team Gloriastrasse
Pål Johansen, PhD
Ying Men-Wäckerle, PhD
Fabian Hasler, PhD student
Marta Paolucci, PhD student
Zuzanna Kotkowska, PhD student

Team Schlieren
Franziska Thoms, PhD
Gery Jennings, PhD
Stefanie Haas, MSc, Research Associate

Mitchell Paul Levesque

Prof. Mitch Levesque, PhD


Group Members
Anja Irmisch, PhD
Phil Cheng, PhD
Ossia Eichhoff, PhD
Andreas Dzung, PhD student
Alice Langer, technician
Melanie Maudrich, technician
Mirka Schmid, technician
Sabrina Schindler, PhD student
Ishani Banik, PhD student

Julia-Tatjana Maul & Florian Anzengruber

Julia-Tatjana Maul, MD                  
Florian Anzengruber, MD & LL.M

Publications (PubMed)
J.-T. Maul
F. Anzengruber


Group members
Karolina Papageorgiou, resident
Janina Schenk, Msc student 

Steve Pascolo

PD Steve Pascolo, PhD



Group Member
Marina Tusup, PhD

Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier

Prof. Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, MD


Group members
Martin Glatz, MD
Julia-Tatjana Maul, MD
Kirsten Schiesser, MD
Meike Distler, MD
Karin Grando, Study Expert Nurse
Karin Schnyder, Technician

Alumni & affiliated researchers

Prof. Barbara Ballmer-Weber, MD
Allergology, KSSG

Publications (PubMed)

Prof. Lukas Flatz, MD
Dermatology, KSSG
Tel. +41 71 494 1999

Publications (PubMed)


​Prof. Lars E. French, MD

Publications (PubMed)


Prof. Günther Hofbauer, MD

Publications (PubMed)

Prof. Dmitry Kazakov, MD

Publications (PubMed)


Prof. Werner Kempf, MD

Publications (PubMed)

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