Skin Cancer Precaution


In addition to total-body inspection or inspection of skin changes of the skin Vital diagnostics and computer-assisted light microscopy (use of special magnifying lenses)
Tissue biopsy under local anesthesia for histologic microscopic examination. If necessary, we consult international experts via electronic image processing.

Dermatoscopic Full Body Examination

You may refer your patient directly to us for total body dermatoscopic examination. Professor Ralph Braun, MD, will be caring for your patient. He will examine all suspicious moles with digital dermatoscopy. Should your patient require digital follow-up monitoring or a full body survey photograph (Total Body Imaging), this will be performed immediately in the course of this consultation. Upon your referral, you will determine the course of follow-up appointments.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Use of combined therapies – after consultation with the patient:
Surgery: uncomplicated types of skin cancer (e.g. basal cell carcinoma) by simple surgical removal or freezing (cryotherapy); complicated tumors with so-called micrographic controlled surgery (see operative section) including specialized information on MOHS surgery.
Physical surface therapy: superficial radiotherapy (soft X-rays), cryosurgery
(cryotherapy); Photodynamic therapy, Laser therapy
Systemic (= internal, medicinal) therapy
Current therapeutic concepts at the Dermatology Clinic

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