Special Cases of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer in case of suppressed body defense mechanisms, i.e. in immunosuppressed patients

After organ transplant – primarily of kidney, liver, heart, or lung – it is not unusual for cutaneous changes, among others, to develop in connection with the drugs given against rejection reactions (immunosuppressants). In our clinic for immunosuppressed patients respectively transplant recipients, we specifically address these problems.

More than half of transplant patients will develop benign and/or malignant skin changes a few years after transplant surgery and immunosuppressive therapy, which is administered to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. Most of these skin changes are benign: transplant recipients predominantly contract warts and precursors of cutaneous tumors induced by sun exposure. However, since it is also possible for malignant skin tumors to appear, regular dermatologic monitoring is recommended.

Information for patients

The skin in suppressed body defense (PDF, German)
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