Psoriasis (also scaling eczema) is an inflammatory skin disease with a chronic course. Predisposition to the illness is often genetic. In Switzerland, one to two percent of the population suffers from psoriasis. Precipitant factors can be mechanical stimuli, certain medications, or bacterial infections.


The skin areas most commonly affected are the medial elbow and knee joints, the head or nails. The affected areas exhibit a silvery scale.


We investigate the causes of the disease and identify triggers or stimuli, which may contribute to new disease outbreaks.



We decide together with you, the patient, on your personalized treatment plan. Depending on the individual case we employ light therapy, therapeutic sea salt bath treatments (balneotherapy) or a combination of both, as well as at times topical medications (creams, ointments). In severe cases medications for oral or injectable administration are prescribed.

The range of new medicinal therapies is currently undergoing many developments. When we determine treatment for severe psoriasis, we greatly value being able to offer our patients an opportunity to participate in clinical studies. Alternative therapies suggested by patients themselves also have an important place.

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Schweizerische Psoriasis- und Vitiligo-Gesellschaft (SPVG)



USZ Dermatology organizes regular events for the public on the topic of psoriasis and workshops for practicing physicians and MPA teams.
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