Disorders of hair growth consist in part of excessive growth in undesirable places (e.g. facial hair in women) or abnormal hair loss resulting eventually in common baldness (alopecia) but also in changes in hair quality. Causes are multifaceted; mostly these disorders are hereditary or can be explained by hormonal changes.

Symptoms and Body Sites Affected

Symptoms correspond to the respective disorder – too much or too little hair growth – and can affect the whole body.


In our hair clinic we carefully investigate the causes of the hair growth disorder; this is accomplished by inspection of the hair shaft and if necessary by small scalp biopsies to perform special histologic examinations.


Once the diagnosis is established, various therapies –either with antimicrobial or with anti-inflammatory components - are considered: medicinal shampoos, hair growth stimulants, in rare cases medications, or hair removal with an epilation laser device. Additionally, we provide advice on hair care and on medicinal hair cosmetics.


In particular cases – when hair growth disturbance is hormonally based – we elaborate the treatment most appropriate for you together with the Department of Gynecology, University Hospital Zurich.

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