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Privat-Doz. Dr. sc. nat. Philipp Bosshard, OAss, Laborleiter FAMH

In the Mycology lab of the Dermatology Clinic we examine all specimens from patients suspected of superficial mycoses (fungal infection of the skin, nails, hair, or mucosa). In addition to direct microscopy and culture, we also use modern molecular biology methods for identification. Our mycology lab is a reference laboratory for the dermatomycologic external quality assessment scheme of INSTAND e.V. (German Association for the Promotion of Quality Assurance in Medical Laboratories).
The following tests are availableDermatophytes (superficial mycosis) Fungi (yeasts, molds, dermatophytes) Yeasts (mucosa) Resistance testing for yeasts.

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Examination of samples mycology and sample Microsporum canis

Related Information / Further publications

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