The Dermatology Clinic runs accredited service laboratories, which offer the following types of services and analyses.




​Phone: +41 44 255 39 68

​Prof. Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, MD

​Phone: +41 44 255 25 71

​Prof. Reinhard Dummer, MD

​Phone:  +41 44 255 21 28

​Prof. Reinhard Dummer, MD

​Phone:  +41 44 255 39 64

Philipp Bosshard, Privat-Doz. Dr. sc. nat.

Serology (Syphilis serology)

​Phone: +41 44 255 39 63

​​Philipp Bosshard, Privat-Doz. Dr. sc. nat.

​Phone:  +41 44 255 39 63

​​​Philipp Bosshard, Privat-Doz. Dr. sc. nat.


​​Laboratory Manager FAMH and QMV
Privat-Doz. Dr. sc. nat. Philipp P. Bosshard, senior assistent




​+41 44 255 3972


Quality assurance

We have high quality standards. Our quality policy, annual quality management evaluation, internal and external audits, and continuing education of staff are important building blocks for quality assurance in our laboratories.

Accreditation: Our service laboratories are accredited as of FEB 25, 2015 under number STS 0610 according to ISO 15189:2012 and are recognized by the Federal Health Office.

Scientific Reputation

Our laboratories’ academic staff have published multiple research papers in recent years (see additional publications on the Lab pages). Among them are international and national recommendations for diagnosis and therapy of diseases, development of new analytics, evaluation of commercial tests, and epidemiological research, where our results have made significant contributions.

Our Team

Our staff has a high level of professional expertise and we are grateful for their daily commitment to high quality diagnostics.


Quality Policy

The Laboratory of the Dermatology Clinic of the Zurich University Hospital is committed to produce reliable patient test results in such a way that appropriate and prompt patient care is guaranteed.

We offer high quality, reliable, prompt, and targeted diagnostics for which we employ appropriate technologies and procedures. Laboratory findings are interpreted according to clinical context and diagnoses are derived accordingly. We offer competent consultation to our clients.

Our staff has the required training and high-level professional expertise to carry out operations independently. Staff members are familiar with the QM system and implement its principles and guidelines in their daily work.

We aim to improve our QM system on an ongoing basis and to meet the requirement of the ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/IEC 15189 standards. Quality targets are defined and verified in the annual QM evaluation.


Our service laboratories are accredited as of FEB 25, 2015 with the number STS 0610 according to ISO 15189:2012. We are pleased to submit for review herewith an excerpt of the final remarks of the report:

“In the specialty fields of mycology, serology, histology, and molecular biology, the test site made an excellent impression. The analyses adapted to the requirements of the Dermatology Clinic/Department are provided at a university level so that high clinical and scientific requirements are satisfied. Specific investigations, such as diagnosis of dermatophytes and genital ulcer disease (GUD) as well as syphilis serology and dermatopathology even attain reference status.”

An essential part of accreditation rests in the guarantee of high-level and reliable results, which benefits both the patient and the sender as client.

Furthermore, the Federal Health Office has recognized our lab as a microbiologic and serologic laboratory.

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