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The main focus of the Dermatology Clinic of University Hospital Zurich (USZ) is inflammatory skin disease, such as psoriasis and atopic dermitis, as well as skin cancer.

Inflammatory Skin Disorders

The focus area “Inflammatory Skin Disorders” has the following goals:

  • Raise awareness about inflammatory skin disease and influence behavior of affected patients and their families;
  • The continuing education of professional staff, i.e. physicians and MPAs (medical practice assistants), in treating inflammatory skin disease;
  • Sponsoring a variety of research projects on at times even rare inflammatory skin disorders, but very much meriting investigation;
  • Promotion of young professionals within the Dermatology USZ clinic team, which will be a benefit to patients in the long term.

Detailed information on our activities and our team is available in our Activity Report on Focus Area “Inflammatory Skin Disorders” (PDF, German) as well as in our Patient Brochure “Inflammatory Skin Disorders” (PDF, German).

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Skin Cancer

Our goals include primary and secondary prevention of skin cancer, optimization of treatment options, as well as translational research on this topic, in order to further understand its pathogenesis and/or develop new and well-tolerated treatment methods.

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Association for skin cancer


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