Radiotherapy and UV-Therapies

So-called physical therapies play an important therapeutic role. We treat various skin diseases with light or surface radiation therapy – often supplemented by medication therapy or skin care programs.

Applications in the following illnesses:

Light therapy

  • Light sensitive disorders
  • Inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczemas
  • Vitiligo (white spot disease)
  • Certain types of skin cancer such as actinic keratosis or basal cell carcinoma

Radio (surface) therapy


For skin cancer, when operative removal of the tumor is not possible or very difficult. This applies in the following cases:


  • Surgically difficult to access areas, such as the medial canthus of the eye in older patients where surgical anesthesia would be problematic
  • In severe types of skin cancer, in combination with a global treatment approach and appropriate medicinal therapy
For other special indications such as lentigo maligna and Kaposi’s sarcoma;





Light therapy

Our department has an extensive selection of light therapy devices, which is continually updated based on new technological developments. We offer light radiation treatment with:


  • Ultraviolet light wave length A (UVA)
  • Hand and foot devices UVA & UVB 311nm
  • Narrow spectrum UVB (311 nm)
  • UVA1 therapy

Radio (surface) therapy


In our in-house department for radiation therapy, the most advanced instruments are available with a highly trained MTRA (Medical technological radiology assistant). For each patient there is thoughtful daily interchange with the corresponding medical team.

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